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QUEEN ( Florida )


MIlaovna ( aka ) Nala 

Super sweet and affectionate! Loves to cuddle up with me at night. She is very curious and sometimes gets into trouble when she is, but it's hard to reprimand her when she so darn cute!!!

QUEEN (Maine)



Fur testing being done

Emmie likes to help out around the house or so she thinks. She loves to snuggle up on your chest so you can't watch tv or do anything but pet her and pay attention to only her. She is very happy just being center of attention.

KING (Maine)

CFA Gr.Ch Folie a Deux Harold

CFA Gr.Ch Folie a Deux Harold aka Harold

Saliva tested at 0.3 extremely low.

Harold is our tradional king. Harold has a sweet disposition. And if you meet him don't be surprised if he hugs you as he loves people.



Peachill Luka

Luka is such a wonderful male. He is super affectionate. He loves to be around everyone. He can be a silly boy running around chasing everything he can find, especially the laser pointer.